Prom is here…

27 04 2012

It seems to me that Prom is set up for failure.  When you add the expenses of tickets, clothing, and transportation to sub-par food and drama there are several excuses for a lackluster night.  Taking pictures for an hour is not exactly my thing, and neither is riding in a cramped limo with 50 other people.

Somehow though, even with all the setbacks, Prom is the most enjoyable night of the year.  Besides getting a new profile picture, and spending the night out with your friends, you get to enjoy a refined setting.  The Hall of Mirrors, is immaculate and provides an amazing setting for Prom.  Even though I’m a food snob, the bloody chicken breast didn’t ruin my night.

As Dr. Renner once said, “You have to roll with punches.”  Prom isn’t going to be the perfect night.  Everything isn’t going to go exactly the way you want it to.  You just have to look at it in a positive light and enjoy all the things that do go right. Prom is about building memories, and for me memories are made from mistakes and unexpected events.  I don’t remember how the table looked last year, or how nice the music and limo was. I remember people falling on the ice skating rink and spilling food on their tuxedo’s.

Prom is what you make of it. So enjoy the company of your date and make it a night to remember.


Senioritis setting in…

6 04 2012

Well lets just start out by being honest, Senioritis set in on my last, first-day of school. Yes, I bought a plan-book, binders, and a locker but I can’t remember the last time I used them. As my organization has dwindled, so too has my work ethic.

Sure, the senior research paper put a damper on my laid-back workload but the enumerable amount of television I watch has helped balanced it out. I haven’t stayed up late to do homework, in fact I go to bed whenever I want, and nap daily.

I know I sound really lazy right now, but I just want to point out that I haven’t missed a homework assignment all year. The 10:00 bedtimes correlate with early rises. My procrastination and apathy to work at night, force me wake up at 5:00 to start and finish my homework.

Although I have wasted money on my biweekly Starbucks runs, my greatest concerns are the work habits I am developing before my departure to college.

I hope that graduation turns out to be the cure for my sluggish demeanor.

Racking up the hits…

16 03 2012

I know it is great that the Warpath is making an effort to update and increase readership.  But im just saying, the updated blogroll is a bit embarassing.  When creating the blog, I was hooked on checking my hits daily.  This update has definitely increased my readership, but now I’m not so sure if that is a good thing.

I was perfectly content with writing posts that nobody but the class would read.  I could write freely and not worry about scrupulous grammar mistakes or the content of my blog.  Now, I have parents mentioning my blog to my mom and my girlfriend telling me what to write about.  I know I tend to write about sports, for the most part, but that is what I enjoy.

Having this blog has been a nice outlet to practice journalistic techniques, but just that… practice.  My best work is on the Warpath, in my articles. I just find it comical how more people outside of the class bring up my blog than the articles on the front page of the Warpath website.

Either way, all I know is that I am closing in on 500 hits. If this blog it good for anything it definitely provides a self-esteem boost.

Another reason to love my iPhone…

2 03 2012

I salivated, last year, as seniors brought in Subway and McDonald’s at the conclusion of second lunch. It is now March of senior year and going out for lunch has yet to get old. The options are now scarce with Wendy’s moving to Red Bank, Magic Wok closing the lunch buffet, and Arby’s being replaced by a Kroger filling station. Skyline, McDonald’s and Subway are recycled weekly while ambitious students dare to test time with trips to Bruegger’s, Wendy’s and Penn Station.

Eating at home is nice for those afraid to use school bathrooms and eager to catch up on TV. Nothing, however, can match the excitement of avoiding cafeteria food.

Yesterday, I found a hidden gem using the Urban Spoon App for iPhone. A weird craving for barbecue was met with an expedition into uncharted territory… Newtown. Duh Duh Duh (feel free to make the sound effects because it was that epic). After being snubbed by several friends, Lizzie and I ventured to Just Q’in Barbeque alone.

I went into the place hoping to quench my craving and was not disappointed. Although they did not serve water, had no indoor dining and had a shack for a facility, Just Q’in Barbecue skyrocketed atop my list of senior lunch spots. You got the feel for good home cooking with the huge grill outside the restaurant and the Chef sporting a lip of tobacco (I’m sure that’s against health regulations). The only setback for me was learning they are only open Wednesday through Friday.

My pulled pork was heavenly and the mac and cheese could easily be Cincy’s finest. And how could I forget the baked beans? Needless to say, the barbecue kept my mind off the blood pouring out my arm later that day.

With the day said and done, I was left preaching one phrase… “The sketchier the place, the better the taste.”

Senior lunch's hidden gem: Just Q'in Barbecue

the sultan of swat…

16 02 2012

This year,the Naismith College Player of the Year seems to be a two way race between Kansas workhorse, Thomas Robinson, and Kentucky’s fly-swatter, Anthony Davis.

Although Robinson has been the clear-cut favorite since the beginning of the season, Davis is picking up steam. Robinson, a junior forward, is averaging 17.8 PPG and 12.0 RPG and is clearly carrying the team along with senior guard Tyshawn Taylor.

Robinson is clearly deserving on the award but no player in college basketball has had as great an impact as Anthony Davis. Davis is averaging 14.0 PPG 9.9 RPG and 4.9 BLKs. Davis as an individual is averaging more blocks than 310 division-one basketball TEAMS! With Kentucky almost guaranteed to make a final four run, Davis has twelve more games to add to his freshman block record, which he captured two weeks ago.

Dick Vitale stated that Anthony Davis could be the first person in history to win the “Grand Slam”; this includes National Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Freshman of the Year, and the number one pick in the NBA draft. Three of those are practically certain, but Davis will have to outshine Robinson in March if he wants the big one.

dissed by a first grader…

28 01 2012

I know that I am seventeen years and should be more mature than my three siblings. And for the most part I am. I keep to myself and try to avoid their elementary shenanigans. But occasionally I cross their paths and my stress level goes through the roof.

How am I supposed to keep my composure when the television is constantly flipped from ESPN to the Disney channel? Or when my 12 hour sleep is interrupted by slamming doors and screams? Finally it gets to the point where I can keep my lips sealed any longer, and out slips a… “You’re so annoying, leave me alone.”

And for the last few years that’s been me and my words. But last night, for the first time ever the cards were turned. My brother called me annoying? Seriously?

I know I’m a senior in high school, but those words hurt.

My brother catching his first fish... believe i heard about it for weeks.

an unexpected surprise…

14 01 2012

My adventure to Connecticut was all but expected . After a less than thrilling visit to the frontrunner in my college search, I was left searching for things to do until my flight left Saturday morning.  Should I drive around the barren state on the death-trap roads or visit one of the 1000 Dunkin’ Donuts. After a two hour search for an acceptable hotel, we decided on dinner. Although the food was good, people in Connecticut seemed to move in slowmo… It took us 2:30 to leave the place.  Left with nothing to do, it seemed like a good idea to just go and visit UMass Amherst and see what it had to offer.  Needless to say, it swept me off my feet and put UConn to shame. Who would have thought that my lowest ranked school would have leapfrogged my front runner? After an unprepared visit to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame I realized that UMass might just be the place for me.